Sewage Grinder Repair Made Easy

Sewage Grinder Repair Made Easy

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Monster Renew Program

We all know Muffin Monsters are the sewage grinders that outrun all macerators, grinder pumps and sewage shredders. But the true test in value lies in how easily & how quickly you can get your sewage grinder back up and running like new after a grinder repair!

Are you….
• Tearing your grinder down with your labor?
• Returning your grinder to the factory for a rebuild?
• Reusing old parts for your grinder?
• Putting your operations on pause for a long time?

Our Monster Renew Program is the sewage grinder repair experience that allows you to maximize your investment for years to come while reducing your downtime! On top of that, you can extend the life of your investment with a limited 12-month warranty!

Stop tearing down the unit to repair it yourself or going through the inconvenience of shipping it out for repair. JWC Service Solutions is here to alleviate the hassle.

We make grinder repair EASY! We ship you a factory-built cutter cartridge. You remove and dispose of the old cartridge, install the new cartridge and drop it back in the system! That’s it!

The benefits in addition to an easy install and a quick turnaround are immeasurable.

1. The performance of a new factory-built cartridge
2. Available for automatic upgrades where eligible
3. Security with a 1-year warranty on cartridge
4. Upfront time and labor savings

Best of all….. Our Monster Renews are not only easy but the most affordable option to keep your monster in top shape.

We know your time is better served in other areas of your business. Stop exhausting your valuable time on DIY repairs. We’re here to help! Contact JWC to get your Monster Renew on order! DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE HERE

Need it asap!?? Our most popular models can be shipped in 2 weeks or less! Ask about our Monster Quick Ship Program.

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