Fix Clogging Ejector Pump Problems Permanently with JWC Grinders

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Protecty Ejector pump sewage systems with grinders for waste water pump clogs

Ultimate Ejector Pump Protection! Facility Waste Water Pump Clogs & Pipe Back-ups Can Be Stopped!

Managing facilities can present daily challenges. The last thing a facility manager wants to deal with is a problem with the on-site sewage systems. Protect your facility from toilet backups, expensive ejector pump repairs and even worse raw sewage spills by installing a JWC sewage grinder. The JWC dual shafted low speed high torque Monster grinder can shred adult diapers, rags, wipes and anything else into small particles ensuring they flow harmlessly through pumps!  Stop repairing your waste water pump and install a permanent solution to your problems – a JWC sewage grinder – the ultimate in waste water pump protection!

Is Facility Under Siege for one of these issues?

  • Emergency Plumbing Repairs – usually nights and weekends?
  • Costly clean-ups of spills due to ejector pump failures?
  • Notices of Violation (NOV) from municipal water authority for clogging their down stream pumps?  (You don’t want this letter)
  • Foul Sewage Odors drawing complaints from guest and residents?

industrial sewage grinders, inline and open channel, waste water pump protectionDepending on what is being flushed down the toilet, most pumps will tend to clog!  The JWC sewage grinder protects downstream pumps continuously, so no matter what is flushed, you don’t have to worry.  Your JWC Monster grinder will easily chew it up into small pieces so the opportunity for your ejector pump or waste water pump to clog is eliminated.

The problems do not stop at the facility’s on-site pump station and sewage systems.  Often locations that are known for discharging sewage with heavy solids, like hospitals, nursing homes and jails will cause clogs in the municipal sewage systems.  The municipal waste treatment authority will often demand the facility take some action to resolve the problem and even issue a Notice of Violation.

To learn more about the benefits of JWC Monster grinders for your Facilities, click here for the new Facilities Management Brochure! or contact us directly for a one on one consultation!

New Pre-Built Muffin Monster Manhole Helps Unclog Sewer Lines

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fiberglass manholes with Muffin Monster sewage grinder all in one

Muffin Monster Manholes – Fiberglass Manholes with Sewage Grinder included

The new pre-built Muffin Monster® Manhole from JWC Environmental is a sewer system solution for cities, nursing homes, hospitals, condos, jails, colleges and other institutions facing a stubborn problem – rags, disposable wipes, trash, flushables and debris clogging sewer lines and pump stations.  Our fiberglass manholes with sewage grinder included can be quickly installed to fix your sewer issues!

Muffin Monster Manhole, nicknamed the M3, includes everything in one ready to install package: a pre-built fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) manhole; a Muffin Monster grinder; guide rails; access ladder; inlet and outlet pipeline connections and a manhole or hatch-type access lid. The low-speed, high-torque grinding turns troublesome solids into small particles that easily pass through sewer lines and pumps. The legendary Muffin Monster grinder is installed in over 25,000 locations world-wide.

“Customers call us every day asking for help to protect sewer pumps from flushable wipes,” said Gary Smith, Grinder Team Manager for JWCE. “With the M3 we offer a complete package that is easy to purchase, easy to install and easy to use. The customer simply digs down to the sewer line, drops in the M3 and covers it back up. That’s it – you’re grinding sewage.”

JWCE representatives and inside technical sales staff are trained and experienced in advising, designing and building in-line or in-channel sewage grinders for unique and challenging locations. Muffin Monster grinders can be installed almost anywhere – and they have been. Simply ask your local JWCE rep to tour the location and we’ll do the rest.

The Muffin Monster includes many of JWCE’s exclusive features: an immersible motor; automated controller; sharp steel cutters with 60+ Rockwell hardness and the industry’s best service plan – the JWCE grinder exchange program. The only maintenance on the M3 is a semi-annual inspection.

The M3 are fiberglass manholes which hold a Muffin Monster model 30005-0012 grinder and handles flow up to 350,000 gallons per day (110 m3/h). The M3 is bolted to a concrete pad installed by the end user. The 4’ (1.2m) circular manhole can be built for a depth specified by the customer up to 30’ (9m). The inlet and outlet pipeline sizes are made to fit the sewer line. The customer may choose either a hinged lockable lid or a conical top for installation in roadways. The M3 is rated for loads exceeding H-20 requirements.

The FRP material adds incredible strength to the manhole while also making it watertight and corrosion resistant – important features for today’s high strength sewage. JWCE also stands behind both the Muffin Monster and the manhole with the industry’s best warranty coverage.