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Industrial Grinder Rental Products

JWC Environmental is able to offer temporary grinder solutions for emergency replacement or temporary jobsite needs.  Our fleet of inline Monster grinder rental products and hopper fed SHRED products are ideal when you project dictates a temporary solution.  This is a perfect option for the problem job where pump clogs just keep shutting you down or trash is clogging pipelines and valves.  Let us see how we can help you!

Oil & Gas Tank Bottom Cleaning and Solids Control

We have designed a rental package our 3-HYDRO Inline grinder specifically for tank bottom cleaning and solids control operations. It is offered as a skid mounted solution for plug in and grind flexibility. The powerful grinder can easily reduces troublesome solids, including rocks, wood, paraffin and other debris that can damage centrifuges, clog pumps and bring operations to a halt.  Additionally by grinding larger solids down to size fluid recovery through centrifuges can be enhanced.  Our shredder machineRental Industrial Grinder Monster Industrial rental is easy to ship to your site, and since it is skid mounted, it is easy to move the unit to wherever you need it!

The self-contained Monster Grinder rental system is pre-wired with NEMA 7, UL Certified explosion proof controls and motors for hazardous location. The 40 foot (12 m) cable with plug makes the electrical connection a breeze. The portable skid is designed for safe movement by forklift or crane. Just move to site, plug it in and connect to your system – you are ready to start grinding!

Try Before You Buy

Are you not sure if a JWC Monster grinder or SHRED product is right for you application?  Talk to one of our JWC Service Solutions personnel about your application.  We have a fleet of rental inline industrial grinders and hopper style industrial shredders available for temporary rental.  Our team can assist with assessing your situation and seeing if a short term rental is the right option for you