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Monster Industrial Grinders Increase Gypsum Recycling Efficiency

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Increase Gypsum Recycling & Drywall Recycling Efficiency Today!

Do you have gypsum recycling problems? Do you find it difficult to recycle your gypsum waste? The United States manufactures nearly 15 million tons of drywall per year due to its high demand. Most of this drywall is being used for construction, however, a large percentage will inevitably become scrap material that needs to be discarded properly.  About 64 percent of drywall waste is generated from drywall construction and the number is growing.  Start drywall recycling today!

Drywall, also referred to as gypsum board, wallboard, plasterboard, gypboard or rock can produce a toxic gas known as Hydrogen Sulfide if not disposed of properly.  In high concentrations (~1,000 parts per million), Hydrogen Sulfide has a foul rotten-egg odor and produces harmful effects on the environment. Over the past few years, landfills have been cracking down on restrictions when it comes to the handling of gypsum due to its toxic gas, making it increasingly hard for businesses in the industry to get rid of their unwanted gypsum waste.

Most gypsum manufacturers have large piles of gypsum waste outside of their factories and don’t know how to recycle it.  The traditional way to recycle drywall is separating the gypsum from its backing by using a hammer mill or a NORBA crusher in conjunction with sieves, which is costly and generates a high proportion of dust. Recycling drywall at a reasonable price will produce substantial savings for gypsum manufacturers, builders, contractors, local governments and much more, along with helping the environment!

With over 40 years of experience in industrial industries and extensive knowledge in manufacturing grinders, JWC engineered a grinder that could take on gypsum recycling. Our Monster Industrial 7-SHRED can help factories reuse waste by grinding up the gypsum, allowing it to be recycled and manufactured back into new drywall.  Whether the gypsum is wet or dry or has debris mixed in, our Monster Industrial Grinders can destroy and demolish any substance that gets in its way! The 7-SHRED is JWC Environmental’s largest and most powerful industrial grinder that rotates at a slow speed and creates high torque, making for one powerful piece of equipment.  Its automated monitoring and control system reduces interrupts and enhances grinding and overall performance, improving process efficiency.

Watch this video to see how JWC Environmental’s 7-SHRED destroys large sheets of drywall and turns them into small pieces, preparing to process the waste into new gypsum board. The Monster Industrial Grinder is the perfect solution for any heavy duty shredding or bulk substance disposal needs.

It’s time to start recycling your gypsum waste and replace your outdated crusher equipment – install your gypsum board recycling grinder and start saving today!

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