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How to Meet & Exceed MARPOL Sewage & Food Regulations

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The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) was adopted by the International Maritime Organization in 1973. Its primary purpose is to prevent the pollution of marine environments by ships due to accidental or operational causes. More specifically, MARPOL establishes strict waste management (including sewage and food waste) guidelines.

At JWC Environmental, we manufacture innovative and efficient grinders and shredders that can help you prevent sewage backups and clogs, protect pumps from rags and hygiene products, and ensure compliance with strict MARPOL regulations.

MARPOL Sewage Solutions (Annex IV)

Since its initial adoption, MARPOL has been expanded to include six technical annexes. Specifically, MARPOL Annex IV (adopted in 2003) includes requirements to control sea pollution by sewage, requiring that any ship that discharges sewage into the sea must have an approved sewage treatment plant or system in place.

Our HYDRO In-Line grinders are ideal for handling marine sewage processes, helping to prevent backups and clogs while allowing marine operators to meet MARPOL Annex IV requirements.

1-HYDRO In-Line

1-HYDRO In-lineOur 1-HYDRO In-Line is a space-saving grinder designed to keep fluids flowing through pumps, valves, centrifuges, and heat exchangers.

Featuring two rows of sharp steel cutters that rotate slowly with high torque, this grinder is powerful enough to break down solids with ease.

The 1-HYDRO is an excellent solution for operators needing to protect pumps from rags, hygiene products, and other potential system clogs. Plus, its small footprint makes it ideal for saving space aboard ships—and it features multiple flange options for easy installation.

3-HYDRO In-Line

3-HYDRO In-line grinder Industrial

The 3-HYDRO In-Line wastewater grinder operates at a low speed using high torque to reduce the size of damaging solids.

This grinder preconditions sludge for recovery and dewatering and can handle some of the toughest solids, including plastic. It also features Wipes Ready® Technology, which easily shreds rags and other fibrous materials into smaller pieces, preventing reweaving in the waste stream.

The 3-HYDRO In-Line grinder is compact, allowing it to be installed in most pipeline systems, and can assist in the cleanup of oil spills.

4-HYDRO In-Line

4-HYDRO In-line Industrial grinder

Like the 3-HYDRO In-Line, the 4-HYDRO In-Line dual-shafted grinder is capable of reducing wastewater solids and aiding in the cleanup of oil spills at sea.

The 4-HYDRO grinder is capable of handling high-flow applications, features a built-in smart controller that incorporates load-sensing control to optimize performance, and has Wipes Ready® Technology to handle rags, flushable wipes, and other fibrous materials.

Plus, its compact footprint allows for easy installation within most systems, making it an ideal solution for ships and other vessels.

MARPOL Food Processing Solutions (Annex V)

Annex V of MARPOL establishes guidelines regarding the different types of garbage that can be discharged into the sea and the required distances for discharge away from land. Likewise, this annex completely bans the disposal of any type of plastic into the sea in an effort to protect marine life.

All JWC Environmental SHRED grinders are ABS-certified and approved for use in food waste processing on ships and oil platforms. Choosing a waste grinder certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) is vital because this approval is only granted after a product undergoes a strict product design assessment review.



Our 1-SHRED shredder is an extremely compact machine that is tough on solids and ideal for ships with limited space.

This energy-efficient shredder features two shafts of hardened steel cutters that rotate slowly with high torque, easily reducing solid waste into small particles.

This shredder is also available with various cutter configurations and materials to customize the equipment to specific applications.




The higher capacity of 3-SHRED and 3-SHRED-2 shredders makes them ideal solutions for ships with larger waste output.

As mid-sized industrial shredders, these units are designed to easily cut through debris that can otherwise cause clogs and other problems, including food waste and fish/seafood waste.

Both models have severe-duty seals and powerful 5 to 10-HP motors. An optional food-grade nickel-plated housing and stainless steel cutting chamber component are available as add-ons.



For some of the toughest waste treatment and waste processing jobs at sea, you cannot go wrong with our 4-SHRED-2 shredder.

It features a powerful 15 to 40 HP motor (depending on the configuration selected) and dual-shafted, high-torque shredders that can easily cut through the toughest debris.

This shredder is ideal for everything from hazardous waste disposal to seafood processing and recycling. Plus, it comes with standard integrated steel scrapers that can increase throughput while helping cutters clean out faster.

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