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Founded in 1973, JWC Environmental has steadily grown to become a globally recognized manufacturer of high-quality industrial waste processing equipment.

Since our founding, our commitment to innovation and excellence has led to the development of solutions that effectively address common industrial waste management challenges.

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JWC Environmental has been developing and producing innovative systems for five decades. Our extensive experience across many industrial applications, coupled with our dedication to providing unique solutions, is what sets us apart in the waste management industry. 

In the industrial waste processing realm, we’re known for developing efficient shredders for product destruction and depackaging applications, septage and grease receiving systems for FOG applications, and grinders to provide optimal pump protection.

Custom-Made Equipment &
Unique Solutions

Many of our shredders and grinders are custom-made based on specific application requirements. Our highly skilled engineers work directly with our clients to ensure that our manufacturing equipment meets and exceeds expectations. 

In addition to our customization capabilities, we understand many of the common challenges you’re dealing with in industrial waste process operations and address them by testing and developing unique solutions, including:

Depackaging & Product Destruction

basketballs and tennis balls being shredded with JWC Environmental's Zero Waste Monster

In the industrial waste management sector, JWC Environmental is well-recognized for our SHRED Series and patented Zero Waste Monster system. 


Industrial Shedders Series

The SHRED Series includes the 1-SHRED, 3-SHRED, 3-SHRED-2, 4-SHRED-2, and 7-SHRED-2 industrial shredders. All models in this series are designed to quickly and efficiently cut down challenging solids (plastics, clothing, wood, etc.) and destroy obsolete, expired, and non-compliant items. Each shredder has two rows of sharp, high-torque cutters that rotate slowly to reduce solids efficiently. These shredders also come in various sizes to fit large and small applications and feature customizable cutters.

Zero Waste Monster

JWC Environmental's Zero Waste Monster food depackaging system

The Zero Waste Monster is a four-step system that can open packaged wet food, separate the liquid from the packaging, wash, and compact the packaging. Additionally, food waste processed through the Zero Waste Monster is pretreated for biogas and composting applications.

FOG Waste

Honey Monster, Sewage sludge, wastewater energy

JWC Environmental has a fully automated and enclosed septage and grease receiving system to help restaurants, ships, and FOG processing facilities prevent odors, and reduce vector problems. Our system, which includes our Heavy Object Trap and Honey Monster, can grind solids, separate debris, clean and dewater inorganic waste, and precondition organic waste for recycling and composting. 


Monster Stack™

Separate photos showcasing JWC Environmentals' customizable cutter options for their Monster grinders. The options include without Wipes Ready cutters, which can handle fibrous materials, with Wipes Ready, thin, high-tooth count cutter, and all-purpose cutter.

Our Monster Stack,™ available in our 3- and 4-HYDRO In-line grinder series, is a customizable cutter stack that matches the right cutters based on the grinder’s operating environment. It’s designed to address specific challenges in waste streams, including high levels of abrasive materials (rock, sand, grit, etc.) and exposure to high levels of hydrogen sulfide.



Exceptional Customer Support

Our team at JWC Environmental is also committed to customer satisfaction. We know how overwhelming it can be to find and select the right equipment for your processes, so we developed a product finder resource on our website that allows you to easily sort our products based on your industry type and/or the equipment you need. 

If you still have questions or need help selecting the right equipment, our knowledgeable representatives can help. You can find your regional representative by using our rep locator tool. 

Our support doesn’t end once we’ve helped you find the right solution—you can also request replacement parts, maintenance services, factory repairs, technology upgrades, field rebuilds, technical support, and so much more. Our top priority is helping you keep your processes running efficiently. 

Work With Us Today

We’re proud to be an industrial waste processing equipment manufacturer customers can trust for reliability, quality, and efficiency. Whether you’re managing waste processes in an airport, on a ship, or in a food processing plant, JWC Environmental can help you find what you need. 

Please view our case studies if you’d like to learn more about our impact on the industrial sector. Or, if you’re interested in learning more about our products, please contact us today to speak with one of our representatives. We look forward to hearing from you!


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