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Airports are dynamic and busy transportation hubs that face some unique waste management challenges. For starters, airlines need a reliable means of managing toilet waste or wastewater from airplane lavatories. Additionally, when customs inspectors find contraband items at airport points of entry, they need an efficient means of destroying and disposing of them.

Combine all of this with the daily waste management challenges of such a large facility, and it’s easy to see how an airport may struggle without the right systems in place.

Enter JWC Environmental’s Airport Receiving Station, 30K and 40K In-line Muffin Monster® Grinders, and Honey Monster® Septage Receiving Station—all of which we designed to solve common airport waste management challenges and keep systems running smoothly.

Airport Receiving Station

Airport Receiving

Airports must inevitably handle and dispose of sewage from airplane bathrooms, which can be further complicated by non-disposable items that can clog downstream sewer lines. JWC Environmental’s airport receiving stations are designed to improve aircraft waste system efficiency by allowing for the quick and clean disposal of vacuum toilet waste.

Our airport receiving station is designed to facilitate quick and efficient dumping of vacuum toilet waste by lavatory vacuum trucks. Plus, the station comes with a 30K Muffin Monster® grinder to process tough aircraft septage solids like plastics, wipes, and other debris that can cause pump clogs.

Each airport receiving station also features a quick-connect attachment, allowing for fast and easy connections without spills. These stations can accept gravity or pumped flows from trucks and effectively eliminate odors from waste trituration areas.

30K In-line Muffin Monster®

30K In-line Muffin Monster

Standard on our airport waste receiving stations is the tried-and-true 30K In-line Muffin Monster®, a grinder that has been trusted by waste treatment facilities since 1973. This dual-shafted sewage grinder is designed to reduce even the toughest solids into small particles, allowing airports to prevent system clogs and efficiently handle waste.

The 30K In-line Muffin Monster® is a standalone solution for airports needing assistance handling contraband destruction, bathroom waste, and more. And it is available with JWC Environmental’s patented Wipes Ready® Technology, which can shred wipes bi-directionally into small pieces to prevent system clogs and system damage caused by the flushing of non-approved items in airport restrooms.

40K In-line Muffin Monster®

40K In-line Muffin Monster

The even more powerful 40K In-line Muffin Monster® is an ideal solution for airports with higher waste output. This model features enhanced sewage-grinding capabilities over its 30K sibling, offering robust hex shafts and larger cutters for improved grinding power. Additionally, a more powerful 10-HP motor comes standard on this model, allowing for easy shredding of even the toughest solids from contraband stations, restrooms, and beyond.


Honey Monster® Septage Receiving Station

Honey Monster

Our Honey Monster® Septage Receiving Station is ideal for quickly screening and processing airplane septage, grease, fats, oils, and sludge.

The Honey Monster® is designed to reduce and separate unwanted solids and other problematic trash in under 15 minutes, all while remaining completely enclosed to maximize safety and contain odors.

With two rows of hardened steel cutters that operate at incredibly high torque, even larger solids are no problem for the Honey Monster®. This system even offers automation features that require minimal interference, optimizing waste processing without sacrificing productivity.

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