3-HYDRO In-line Industrial grinder

3-HYDRO In-Line: A Protective & Powerful Industrial Process Wastewater Grinder Solution

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Are you looking for a versatile, adaptable, and powerful wastewater grinding solution for your industrial process operation? JWC Environmental’s 3-HYDRO In-Line wastewater grinder offers the power and efficiency your operation needs to handle troublesome solids and keep processes running smoothly. 


Our 3-HYDRO In-Line boasts unrivaled versatility, making it a great wastewater grinding solution for any number of applications within industrial process wastewater treatment. Some typical applications for this compact grinder include:

  • Recycling Plants
  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Chemical Plants
  • Fish/Beef/Poultry Processing

Plus, the compact footprint of this grinder makes it possible to install within most process pipeline systems without the need for extensive changes or retrofitting.

Small But Mighty

The 3-HYDRO In-Line wastewater grinder takes on the toughest materials and conditions found in industrial wastewater processing. Its dual-shafted, high-torque design and five-horsepower motor allow it to easily shred tough solids, including rocks, plastic, wood, animal waste, plant waste, and other debris so your operation can continue without interruption.

Features & Benefits

When you choose this wastewater grinder for your operation, you can enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Sludge Preconditioning: Preconditioning helps improve solids recovery and dewatering.
  • Available Wipes Ready® Technology: Our revolutionary Wipes Ready® technology is designed to shred fibrous and stringy solids bi-directionally into small pieces, which prevents these materials from reweaving within the waste stream and halting operations.
  • Customizable Cutter Stack: We offer several cutter stack configurations to help you get the most out of this grinder.
  • Performance-Optimizing Control System: The 3-HYDRO features a smart controller and load-sensing control system that optimizes performance and protects against jams that can otherwise cause downtime.
  • Long-Lasting Equipment Protection: This wastewater grinder protects pumps from clogs or damage, cutting centrifuge maintenance costs and lengthening equipment lifespan.

Protect Downstream Equipment With a 3-HYDRO In-Line Today!

When your operation needs a versatile wastewater grinder that won’t break the bank, our 3-HYDRO In-Line is the right choice.

Please contact our team today to learn more about this wastewater grinder or to request a product quote. 

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