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Reduce Public Water Contamination by Improving Wastewater Screening

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Across the United States, concerns about contaminants in drinking water are on the rise. Between 2014 and 2016, tens of thousands of residents in Flint, MI, were exposed to lead-contaminated water, resulting in breakouts of Legionnaires’ disease that killed and injured dozens of people. This water crisis prompted widespread studies on the nation’s water supply, with one EPA study revealing that between 1982 and 2015, up to 45 million Americans were exposed to water that violated the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Protecting Ecosystems & the Public

A person holds a clear glass under a kitchen faucet. Tap water pours from the faucet into the cup.

Water treatment facilities play a vital role in keeping the nation’s water supply safe, not just for drinking but for use in other applications. 

Consuming untreated water can lead to serious disease and death. Common diseases transmitted through untreated drinking water include:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Giardiasis
  • Cholera
  • Salmonellosis
  • Gastroenteritis

Sadly, across the globe (and particularly in developing nations), consumption of untreated wastewater causes an estimated 829,000 deaths each year.

A lagoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, experiencing what is called a "red tide," which are red algae booms.

Likewise, untreated water can have devastating impacts on the environment and ecosystem. Water pollution can cause “red tides,” or harmful algae blooms (HABs), leading to widespread aquatic animal deaths that pollute large bodies of water and render them unusable. 

It can’t be said enough—without proper wastewater treatment, both the general public and the environment would suffer. 

Fortunately, wastewater screening technology has come a long way in the past several decades. By integrating modern wastewater screening equipment, waste treatment plants can effectively remove contaminants from the supply, allowing for successful water recycling and reducing public health risks.

How JWC Environmental’s Solutions Help Reduce Water Contamination & Public Health Risks

Founded in 1973, JWC Environmental is an industry-leading global manufacturer of industrial and municipal wastewater screening equipment and sewage grinders.

Everything we manufacture is strategically designed to help wastewater treatment facilities overcome ongoing and emerging issues. 

Some of our modern solutions for wastewater treatment facilities include coarse screens and fine screens.

Coarse Screens

We offer two coarse screen options: the Mechanical Bar Screen Monster and the Chain & Rake Monster. 

JWC Environmental's Mechanical Bar Screen Monster
Mechanical Bar Screen Monster

The Mechanical Bar Screen Monster® is designed to remove large slugs of debris quickly and efficiently, using a reciprocating rake to clean the bar screen and remove debris. With its small footprint, lower headroom, and arrival fully assembled to the job site, this screen is ready to install quickly into tight locations as the ideal solution  for removing heavy debris that may otherwise overwhelm a “traditional” bar screening system.

Chain & Rake Monster
Chain & Rake Monster

Comparatively, our Chain & Rake Monster® is better suited for high-flow applications. This system features a heavy-duty automated bar screen rake design using a pivoted wiper to provide continuous, efficient debris removal. The Chain & Rake Monster is also easy to maintain, as it features replaceable rake teeth and screen access through a pivot frame at the bottom of the equipment.

Fine Screens

Finescreen Monster
Finescreen Monster

When it comes to removing smaller debris and contaminants from wastewater, our Finescreen Monster® is extremely effective. It features UHMW perforated screening panels and spray water to capture and lift solids, eliminating the need for problematic brushes found on traditional flow-through fine screens. It is also integrated with our Screenings Washer Monster® for efficient grinding, washing, dewatering, and compacting of debris. 

Find Your Wastewater Screening Solution With Help From JWC Environmental

JWC Environmental has shipped more than 40,000 shredders and screens to facilities around the world. We take pride in holding more than 70 patents for product innovation and have received the Water Environment Federation’s “Innovative Technology Award” more times than any other wastewater equipment manufacturer. 

Please contact us today to learn more about our wastewater screening solutions or to request a product quote. Our experts are happy to discuss your facility’s needs and offer customized recommendations.


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