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Article: How Cutter Choice and Placement Impact Wastewater Grinder Performance

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A Quick Look at Cutting Dynamics and Cutter Selection

When it comes to choosing the right tool for the job, a dual-shafted wastewater grinder is a good option for protecting against clogged lift pumps and overflowing manholes. However, not all tools have the flexibility to be configured to optimize their performance for the task at hand. Here is why it pays to evaluate the wastewater flow approaching the grinder as well as the cutter configuration best suited to deal with it.

While there are multiple facets to overall grinder selection, one of the most important considerations is the cutter itself. After all, the reason for purchasing a grinder is to reduce troublesome solids and keep equipment running and protected. Here are some key performance characteristics to consider when evaluating cutters for municipal sewer grinders… Read the full article here.

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