Reduce Building Operating Expenses with a Sewage Grinder

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Line item expenses under “Utilities”, like water and sewage, can blindside you and bust your annual budget in one fell swoop. Get ahead of the dooming budget bust by ensuring your building is in alignment with your local wastewater treatment plant.

Multifamily units, apartment complexes, hotels, casinos and the like, have always had to deal with trash, fats, oils, grease, and other strange items being flushed down the toilets. To top that, the booming “flushable wipes” industry is adding yet another layer of complexity to the growing problem. According to a recent study from Smithers Pira, the volume of nonwovens converted into wipes for consumer and industrial applications will rise 6.3% per year from 1.20 million tons in 2018 to 1.63 million tons in 2023. Hoping these items make it out of your building without getting stuck, typical city infrastructure is not designed to handle large amounts of trash, debris, wipes, etc. This is where the expensive clogs rear their ugly.

The tug of war between who’s to blame (or who’s to pay) for the damage done by changes in sewage (such as flushable wipes) is getting more & more intense as problems continue to mount. As a building owner, accurately assess potential problems & opportunities for improvement by getting down to the line item before you get a notice from the city.

Furthermore, the last thing building maintenance workers want to deal with is a clogged sewer, clogged ejector pump, or worse – get caught in the middle of the building owners & their municipalities. It’s not uncommon for municipalities to request a grinder be put in place to precondition the sewage that eventually leads to the local wastewater treatment plant.

Muffin Monster sewage grinders are the industry-leading solution for putting an end to a building’s pump clogging and ragging issues. Designed for easy install and easy maintenance, these sewage grinders are equipped to handle the expected and unexpected of flushed items.  JWC’s grinders shred debris before it reaches pumps. Municipal sewage systems worldwide have been using them for over 45 years to cut through tough solids and keep them pumpable.

Whether you’re purchasing a new multifamily building, apartment complex, hotel or commercial building, or already own, a system set up to prevent those run-ins with your municipality is a must.

Learn more about how sewage grinders have helped curb the mounting cost of downstream equipment repair HERE.

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