Videos: Understanding MARPOL Annex V – Garbage Management Onboard Ships

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Understanding MARPOL Annex V – Garbage Management Onboard Ships – JWCE MARPOL Shredder

Here’s a great video from Videotel Productions explaining the new rules for the management of garbage and food waste onboard ships and oil platforms. From the description “Garbage Management — Marpol Annex V (Edition 2) provides training in how to comply with the revised MARPOL Annex V regulations as regards garbage collection, processing, storage, disposal and record-keeping using the Garbage Record Book.”  The JWC MARPOL shredder which is ABS certified can be used on any ocean-going vessel to ensure compliance with MARPOL Annex V.

JWC’s SHRED grinders have been rigorously tested and approved for use as a proper food waste grinder and disposal method for ships and oil platforms at sea.  Our dual shafted slow torque electric grinders can be used inside or outside on a ship to ensure food waste meets MARPOL Annex V disposal requirements.  No matter what food waste on a ship needs to be disposed of the JWC MARPOL shredder can grind it to meet the 1/2″ particle size requirement.

Watch our MARPOL shredder in action for yourself right now!

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