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Seafood Processor Tackles Tough Alaskan Ocean

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Fish Grinders Significantly Improve Compliance with Wastewater Discharge Standards for Seafood Processor

Cordova, AK – The seafood processor, Norquest Seafoods Inc. reports significantly improved compliance with wastewater discharge standards through installation of special Monster Industrial fish grinders. They also note easier operation, lowered power requirement, reduced maintenance, and enhanced safety for marine waste handling.

The Monster fish grinders, designed and manufactured by JWC Environmental in Santa Ana, CA, were provided locally by APSCO Inc. of Kirkland, WA.

“We’re required to grind remains, such as fish heads, to particles with diameters of ½” (12mm) or less before we can discharge them into Alaskan waters,” noted Lee Murrell II, now manager at the Cordova plant.

The dual-shafted Monster Industrial fish grinders shred a wider variety of solids than single-shafted machines, while its low-speed operation results in higher torque, lower power requirements and fewer interrupts. Its special cutter teeth and configuration were developed specifically for fish remains processing.  It also ended the problems the seafood processor had with the single shafted machine, such as clogging, overflowing and having to be reversed to clear them.  Norquest Seafoods has been so impressed with the Monster Industrial fish grinders that they have now installed them company-wide!

Monster Industrial SHRED Series of grinders effectively reduce particle size of wood, plastics, rocks, nuts, bolts, wire, sludge, and other foreign material that would otherwise foul, clog or damage waste stream and process equipment, typically reducing the handling costs associated with solids removal.  The Monster Industrial grinders adapt to most applications with little or no modification to piping, channel, or power, and offer high-pressure – 90 psi (6 bars) capability, with no seal flush required and no packing gland to adjust.

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