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HYDRO Sewage Grinders Help Prevent Pump Ragging and Clogging

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Monster Industrial wastewater grinders love to devour “flushables”, check out our video grind test.

HYDRO sewage grinders are a powerful way to protect sewage pumps from clogging and ragging. Dual-shafted HYDRO grinders are installed in sewage pump stations to shred rags, wipes and debris into small particles so they flow easily through pumps and pipelines.

A new threat to sewage pumps is “flushable” wipes and disposable cleaning rags used in the home. These materials can build up inside a pump and slowly reduce its efficiency or worse, seize the pump completely – called pump ragging. This leads to costly (and incredibly messy) maintenance and can even lead to a sewer spill.

Be kind…These items don’t belong in the sewerage system – trash them, don’t flush them.

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