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Monster Fish Grinder debuts at Oregon State Park

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Fish Cleaning Station with Extreme Fish Grinder debuts at Farewell Bend State Park

The Monster Industrial Fish Cleaning Station is the most efficient, clean, and convenient fish cleaning station available. It turns fish waste into a slurry that is easily flushed away. The self-contained unit uses a powerful 3-HYDRO dual-shafted fish grinder to shred solids, such as large fish parts, cans, plates, utensils and fishing lures to prevent clogging and protect downstream equipment.  With integrated sink, wash water and waste disposal it controls odors and provides guests a pleasant and first-class experience they will appreciate.

This fully contained stainless steel fish cleaning station is designed for unsupervised operation by visitors in publicly accessible areas.  It can accommodate multiple users at piers, lakes and marinas with integrated wash water wands and cutting boards.  Give your guests first-class treatment with this top-of-the-line system.

JWCE’s Fish Cleaning Station with extreme fish grinder was recently featured in Your Parks Go Guide of Oregon State Parks.  Special thanks to the Oregon State Parks Team for the recognition and photo.

The Muffin Monster® isn’t your average kitchen garbage disposal. “It will actually grind lawn furniture–we’ve seen the demonstration,” says Ben Cox, Farewell Bend park ranger supervisor.

“Why does a state park need a fish grinder with this power?  Because Brownlee Reservoir catfish have thick, tough skin and large bones. That created a nightmare maintenance problem for the old high-speed macerator.  Park staff  and anglers are thrilled with how the Muffin Monster fish grinder performs, and everyone keeps their hands clear!”

This angler, pictured above, was one of the lucky firsts to fillet his fish and dispose of the carcass in the new Muffin Monster fish grinder at Farewell Bend State Park.

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