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JWC Wins Second Large Order for Buffalo Sewer Authority (NY) Fine Screens

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Jake Scherer of Gehring Pumps stands next to BSA’s first Bandscreen Monster and Screenings Washer Monster installed in 2009.

In early July JWC Environmental received a purchase order for a second massive Bandscreen Monster for the Buffalo Sewer Authority’s (BSA) main wastewater treatment plant in Upstate New York. The first Bandscreen Monster was purchased by the City in 2009 and after two years of successful operation, the BSA decided to purchase another JWC screen for the second channel.

The order includes:
1 – Bandscreen Monster, model MBS-300

“The facility is using JWC’s Bandscreens because of the fine capture ability, the prevention of material carryover and the ease of maintenance,“ said Jake Scherer of Gehring Pumps, the equipment consultant on the project. “The customer seems very happy with the solids capture, so we’ll install the second screen.”

The model MBS-300 is one of JWC’s largest fine screens. BSA’s Bandscreen will reach down into a deep 20’ (6m) channel to remove debris from the flow of 5 million gallons per day (780 m3/h). A moving belt of perforated panels with small 1/10” (2mm) circular openings captures rags, plastics and other unwanted debris and lifts it to ground level where material is washed off the panels and into a sluice leading to a Screenings Washer Monster (SWM), also purchased from JWC in 2009. Each screening panel is 12” tall and made of ultra-high molecular weight plastic (UHMW) for a long service life in the corrosive wastewater.

The fine screen even captures small debris such as cigarette butts, floss and hair. Removing this debris at the headworks helps the entire downstream treatment process run more efficiently and reliably. To save energy the high-flow Bandscreen Monster uses automated software to monitor flow conditions and turn on only as flow into the headworks increases.

The screen offers incredibly high capture rates and removes a wider variety of solids, particularly small solids and trash, better than traditional bar screens. Bandscreens received the highest screen capture ratings in the independent UK Water Industry Research test of all wastewater screening devices.

The Buffalo Sewer Authority is currently undertaking a Long Term Control Plan to abate Combined Sewer Overflow discharges from the sewer system in order to meet state and federal regulations.  The beautiful city is located along the shores of Lake Erie near the border with Canada. To learn more about the City’s efforts to protect clean water visit www.bsacsoimprovements.org.

Gehring Pumps of Victor, NY is the equipment consultant on the project. Watts Architecture & Engineering is the design engineer for this headworks project and John W. Danforth Company based in Buffalo is the contractor in charge of installing the system.

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