Green Muffin Monsters Devour Airport Blue Water!

Green Muffin Monsters Devour Airport Blue Water!

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Installation of the Aircraft Waste Disposal Facility Was Stage 2 of the Sydney Airport Water Recycling Project

As part of Sydney International Airport’s Redevelopment, JWCE distributor Xylem Water Solutions Australia was contracted by the airport to install a clean, efficient way to dispose of  ‘blue water’  – wastewater pumped from airplane lavatories. Airplane lavatories are constantly subjected to a broad variety of non-disposable items that ultimately clog downstream sewer lines, pumps and processes.

The new Aircraft Waste Disposal Facility, houses two Muffin Monster channel grinders in a below-ground well, allowing lavatory carts to drive up and unload the blue water and the vacuum toilet waste from the airplane. Wet and dry solids flow via an inlet pipe into the station’s dual-shafted grinders, which use two shafts of sharp steel rotating cutters to chop up solids like plastic, textiles, foreign object debris (FOD) and paper. Ground-up material is then flushed into the local sewer system and the tiny pieces pose no threat to downstream pumps.

With over 33 million passengers using Sydney Airport in 2008, much of the waste being disposed of is pumped directly from the airplane lavatories. The installation of the Muffin Monster Model 30005s in 2008 was an important step in their waste management strategy.  Equipped with immersible motors, these Monsters are protected from stormwater run-off and increased flow rates during heavier traffic seasons.

The rugged design of the grinders has eliminated most of the clogging downstream, saving maintenance costs and time. By minimizing waste solids, Sydney Airport has been successful in reducing its overall costs and impact on the environment.

JWC also offers another solution for airport waste management with the Monster Airport Receiving Station – a self-contained, below grade and automated station that allows for simple, odor-free, clean and efficient wastewater disposal.

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