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Disposable Waste Systems Founded

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Disposable Waste Systems was founded in Santa Ana, California in 1973 in Joe Chamber’s garage. The business was built around the need to help wastewater treatment operators deal with solid materials in waste streams that were clogging and damaging pipes, pumps and valves.

This simple requirement drove the development of the world’s first two-shafted sewage grinder, the Muffin Monster®. The product was prototyped and tested with local municipalities in Southern California with the attitude of providing a robust product backed up with an unmatched level of service and support.

The revolutionary Muffin Monster provided much-needed relief to the wastewater operators and plant managers. The improvements the grinders provided in plant efficiency as well as in the daily work of operators gave “Muffy” the unwavering admiration of the wastewater community. This early success propelled JWC Environmental forward to become a global organization with a basket of solutions to solve a wide range of municipal and industrial solids reduction and removal challenges.

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