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10K Inline
Muffin Monster

Sludge Is No Match For This Little Monster

10K Open Channel
Muffin Monster

The Ideal Sewage Grinder For Small Wastewater Pump Stations

30K & 40K Inline
Muffin Monster

Legendary Performance Only A Muffin Monster Can Provide

30K & 40K
Open Channel
Muffin Monster

The World’s Leading Sewage Grinder For Over 40 Years

Channel Monster

Powerful High-Flow Wastewater Grinder For Pump Stations And Headworks

Muffin Monster

Make Installation A Breeze With A Muffin Monster Manhole


One Tough Shredder In A Small Package


Shredders To Cut Big Problems Down To Size


Ready To Shred Your Toughest Debris

1-HYDRO Inline

Equipment Protection With A Space Saving Monster Grinder

Open Channel

Protect Your Equipment With A Powerful, Space Saving Monster Grinder

4-HYDRO Inline

Powerful Grinders For Tough Industrial Applications

Open Channel

Protect Your Equipment With The World’s Leading Sewage Grinder

Monster Industrial

Make Installation A Breeze With A Monster Industrial Manhole

Vertical Auger Monster

All-In-One Pump Station Screen

Grinder Rentals

A Plug-in And Grind Solution – Short Or Long Term Rentals

IFM Internally Fed Drum Screen

Ultimate Fine-Screening For Pumped Flows

IFO, IFS & IFU Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screens

Industrial Screens To Achieve Superb Solids Separation

IFT Sludge Thickener

Best In Class Performance For Municipal Sludge Thickening

RSS Externally Fed Drum Screens

Self-Cleaning Wedgewire Screen

Auger Monster & In-Channel Auger Screens

All-In-One Headworks Solution – Grind, Screen And Compact

Bandscreen Monster

Excellent Investment To Protect Your Process

Mechanical Bar Screen Monster

Your Monster Bar Screen For Heavy Debris

Chain & Rake Monster Bar Screen

Hardworking Monster For High Flow Coarse Screening

Finescreen Monster

Finescreen Process Protection Without The Maintenance

Screenings Washer Monster (SWM)

It Takes A Monster To Get Screenings Cleaner

Honey Monster

The Honey Monster Loves Septage And Grease

Zero Waste Monster

Separate Liquids & Gels From Their Containers For Easy Recycling

Airport Receiving Station

This Monster Keeps Airports Flying High

SLB Screening Conveyor Compactor

Low Flow Screening And Compacting Solution

SHS & SHP Sidehill Screens

Simple And Economical Solids Separation

Monster Grinder Table

Clean and Efficient Disposal of Tough Solids

Heavy Object Trap (HOT)

Recover The Grease Without The Trash

Auger Presses

Augers To Convey, Dewater And Compact Screenings

TLT Tank Mounted Screens

Receiving System Tank Screens Out Solids

Fish Cleaning Station

Give Your Guest First Class Treatment With A JWC Fish Cleaning Station