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10K In-Line Muffin Monster® Wastewater Guide

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Municipalities rely on modern wastewater grinders to prevent new contaminants from polluting the water, decrease energy costs, and prevent sludge buildup, which harms marine creatures and reduces equipment longevity.

JWC Environmental’s 10K Open-Channel Muffin Monster® is a reliable municipal and institutional sewage grinder offering the versatility, reliability, and high-power grinding needed to protect sewage pump stations from unplanned clogs.


For towns, cities, and private institutions alike, the 10K Open-Channel Muffin Monster offers several advantages in wastewater treatment.

  • Small Footprint: This sewage grinder features a compact and efficient design, making it easy to install just about anywhere without taking up too much space.
  • High-Grinding Power: Despite its small design, this grinder still delivers the torque and power needed to effectively grind solids into small particles and provide effective downstream protection.
  • Automated PLC Monitoring: The 10K Open-Channel Muffin Monster includes automated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) monitoring, which helps automate wastewater treatment processes for greater efficiency.
  • Clog Protection With Wipes Ready® Technology: Flushable wipes are a common source of clogs and unexpected downtime at wastewater treatment plants. This sewage grinder is designed with innovative Wipes Ready® technology. This technology, which features 17-tooth serrated cutters, prevents materials from forming long strips and reweaving within the waste system. 
  • Easy Retrofitting: This municipal grinder has immersible and submersible motors and multiple motor/controller configurations to meet your exact needs.


The 10K In-Line Muffin Monster was designed with versatility in mind. As a result, this sewage grinder is great for many municipal and institutional applications, including smaller sludge systems.

The 10K Muffin Monster is a great option for smaller treatment facilities looking for a powerful wastewater grinder that suits a smaller budget without sacrificing quality or function. In fact, the small footprint of this wastewater grinder even makes it possible to fit into four- or six-inch sludge lines, which was considered impossible before.

Its compact size also makes this grinder a practical choice for office buildings, retail centers, apartment complexes, and even office buildings where the need for wastewater grinding is high, but space is limited.

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From its small footprint to its automated PLC monitoring and clog-preventing technology, there’s a lot to love about our 10K In-Line Muffin Monster wastewater grinder. 

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