Manure Treatment Process

Why Manure Treatment Processes Love JWC Grinders

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Manure Treatment Improves Efficiency with a JWC Manure Shredder

Do you know what products are being made from manure?
Animal dung from the farm through manure treatment can be turned into fertilizer, energy, soil amendments and even animal bedding.

  • Through collecting manure, water and animal bedding into a manure pit, manure slurry can be pumped out and spread directly on farm fields as a fertilizer
  • Through the use of an anaerobic digester, manure can be turned into biogas to run generators which in turn produces electricity that can be fed into the National Grid.
  • Through composting or anaerobic digestion of manure solids, the result can be used as animal bedding or soil amendments.

Do you know what processes are being used to treat manure?
There are a myriad of manure treatment processes that can turn manure into new products

  • anaerobic digesters
  • centrifuges or dryers
  • composters

Do you know what many of these manure treatment processes have in common?
They need to pump the manure feedstock slurry to their systems.  The feedstock may have large debris that may clog the pumps. Putting a JWC grinder in before the pumps can save manure treatment system operators time and money.

Installing a JWC manure shredder before manure feedstock enters your system can… 

  • Improve a system’s efficiency
  • Prevent feedstock pumps and pipelines from clogging
  • Minimize system downtime
  • Reduce costly, unpleasant pump cleanouts
  • Increase surface area for composting and digestion

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