New 10K Series Muffin Monster

New 10K Series Muffin Monster
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New 10K Muffin Monster® sewage grinder from JWC Environmental packs tough grinding power in a compact package

COSTA MESA, Calif. (Feb. 12, 2015)The new 10K Series Muffin Monster® from JWC Environmental combines superior waste grinding capabilities in a compact, easy-to-install unit that’s perfectly suited to a variety of wastewater grinding applications. This newest addition to the hard-working family of Muffin Monster grinders is available in pipeline, open channel and pump station configurations that pack big power in a small package.

The 10K Series Muffin Monster® incorporates the same benefits as the larger Monster units, including low-speed operation with high torque and fewer interrupts. The dual-shaft design actively pulls material into and through the hardened steel cutters, so the grinder can handle a wider variety of debris compared to single-shaft macerators and grinders.

To shred sewer-clogging solids commonly found in waste streams, the 10K Series comes equipped with both top and bottom bearings that prevent shaft deflection. This robust design feature not found in lesser grinders or macerators ensures the longevity of the product and drastically reduces maintenance costs, downtime and operator inconvenience. The smaller particles produced by the 10K units also pass more easily through downstream pumps and pipelines.

The 10K open channel Muffin Monster is an ideal, low-cost solution for smaller wet wells located in facilities such as office buildings, apartment complexes, resorts, retail centers and package treatment plants. Custom stainless steel support frames allow for installation directly at the inlet sewage line on the wall of a pump station or into an existing channel.

The 10K in-line Muffin Monster is ideally suited for protecting sludge pumps, sensitive centrifuges, samplers or heat exchangers in resource recovery facilities.  The 2 or 3 hp (1.5 or 2.2 kW) motors provide all the cutting force required to shred tough solids.  Its efficient dual-shafted grinding technology will not get clogged by wipes or other non-dispersibles as is common with high-speed macerators.  For added versatility and performance, the 10K Series units are available with 7-, 11- or 13-tooth cutter combinations to fit individual customer applications.

JWC is committed to providing dynamic, reliable products to further combat wipes and other non-dispersibles in the waste stream, and the 10K Series is another addition to the industry-leading Muffin Monster lineup.

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