Zero Waste Monster

Depackaging System:  Separate Liquids & Gels From Their Containers For Easy Recycling

The Zero Waste Monster is a self-contained, hopper-fed liquid depackaging system designed to separate liquids, gels, creams and semi-solids from their plastic, glass or metal containers. It can be used as a depackaging system and also as a food recycling machine. The industrial shredder and separator turn large quantities of waste into a clean and compacted recyclable commodity. This patented system will give you the peace of mind associated with onsite product destruction and product depackaging, while saving you money in waste hauling and landfill fees. Food waste from the system can be used for composting or turned into biogas. The clean, compacted solids from this food recycling machine can now be easily recycled!

The Zero Waste Monster liquid depackaging system utilizes a 4-step process for product destruction and material recycling. The hopper-fed system will utilize a Monster Industrial shredder to break open packaged wet food, fluids and creams to separate out the liquid contents from the packaging. The packaging materials will be washed and compacted in an auger system then discharged from the Zero Waste Monster. The cleaned metal or plastic is ready for recycling while the liquid waste is washed out and captured so it can be sent to a bio-digester or be used for composting.



  • Unique four-stage washing and compacting process
  • Flexible and mobile design
  • Automated PLC monitoring and controls
  • Customizable configurations are available


  • Capacity up to 205 ft3/hr (5.8 m3/hr)
  • Compatible with 3-SHRED & 4-SHRED-1 industrial shredders
  • Options:  Discharge bagger, roller base, custom hoppers, custom discharge tube lengths

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