10K Open-channel Muffin Monster

The Ideal Wastewater Grinders For Small Pump Stations

The 10K Open-channel Muffin Monster® sewage grinder is compact, yet tough on solids!  This sewage pump station grinder fits into areas with limited space requirements while still providing the necessary power for downstream protection.  Two rows of hardened steel cutters rotate slowly and with incredibly high torque to grind large solids into small particles that can flow easily through pumps and pipelines.

The 10K Open Channel Muffin Monster® sewage grinder is designed to fit within inlet channels to sewage pump stations or it can be mounted within a stainless steel frame at the influent pipe to the wet well.  Our Muffin Monster wastewater grinders are used by thousands of towns and cities as well as private institutions like nursing homes, sports stadiums and hospitals to protect their sewage pump stations from unplanned clogs.


  • Protects sewage pumps from clogs and damage by effectively shredding wipes, rags, clothing, plastics, and other tough debris.
  • Ready to solve your problem pump station issue with a retrofit solution.
  • Plan a pump station’s maintenance on your schedule, not when pump alarms sound.


  • Dual-shafted, slow-speed, high-torque grinder easily shreds the toughest debris, including rocks, wood, wipes, hair, clothing, plastic and other debris.
  • Compact and efficient design allows installation almost anywhere.
  • Automated Monitoring & Controls reduce interrupts & optimize grinder performance.
  • Custom stainless steel frames for easy installation into wet wells.
  • Wipes Ready® Technology available to prevent materials from forming long strips and reweaving in the waste stream.
  • Multiple motor and controller configurations to meet global electrical requirements.
  • Immersible and Submersible motors are available.

Sewage Grinder Specifications:

  • Flow Rate is up to 180 gpm (41.4 m3/hr).
  • Cutting Chamber Lengths 25 inches (185 mm).
  • 2 hp (1.5 kW) motor standard, 3 or 5 hp (2.2 or 4 kW) motors available options.

Monster Quick Ship

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