Channel Monsters

    For pump stations and headworks the third generation Channel Monster® XD surpasses all existing technologies in terms of performance, durability and reduced costs. The system protects pumps and prevents ragging and clogging problems.

    The patented Channel Monster integrates rotating screening drums with proven Muffin Monster® grinder technology. The system accommodates high-flows while shredding solids (such as rags, trash, rocks and wood) into particles that flow harmlessly through pumps, pipes and processes. Screening drums direct solids into the cutters and are made of 1/2” (12mm) stainless steel coil. JWCE offers optional perforated screening drums with 1/4” (6mm) circular openings for higher capture efficiency. Channel Monster XD comes in three sizes – 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0.

    Pump stations full of debris are now easier than ever to manage with the Channel Monster’s larger, extreme duty design. Our taller grinders use larger cutters and shafts, allowing it to shred large solids and handle first flush storm loading. Channel Monsters easily replace troublesome bar screens and comminutors — helping you reduce operating and maintenance costs.  Clean, powerful, reliable and cost effective – Channel Monster is the industry’s high-flow grinder of choice!

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    Features and Benefits

    Dual Shafted Grinder

    • Capable of handling a wider variety of solids than single shafted machine
    • Counter rotating shafts direct solids toward center of grinder

    Bar Screen Replacement

    • Standard stainless steel coil construction, with 1/4″ (6mm) openings and up
    • Optional stainless steel 1/4″ (6mm) perforated drums

    Cutter Options

    • Custom engineered with various tooth configurations to meet specific application needs

    Automated PLC Monitoring and Controls

    • Auto load sensing and reversing reduces interrupts
    • Three motor options allows precise control and independent operation of the drums and the cutter stack

    Low Profile Bottom End Housing

    • Improves grinding capabilities at low flow by utilizing more of the cutting chamber
    • Bushing deflector diverts solids and rags into cutters while protecting seal assemblies from rocks and grit

    Ease and Flexibility of Installation

    • Adapts to most existing channel applications with little or no civil work required

    Mechanical Seals

    • Pressure capability to 90 PSI (6 bar)
    • No seal flush required and no packing gland to adjust

    Modular Design

    • Single drum fits channels as narrow as 21″ (533 mm) wide
    • Double drum accommodates channel widths up to 54″ (1372 mm) wide