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Industrial Shredders

Our dual-shafted, low-speed Monster Industrial shredders and grinders provide high torque resulting in incredible power to shred even the toughest items down to size. We offer a variety of standard cutter sizes so whether you need a specific particle size, are trying to protect downstream equipment from debris, destroy off-spec product to protect your brand, or want to make your feedstock more uniform; we have a cutter solution for you.

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Size Reduction of Solids

Our HYDRO Series of industrial grinders come in two varieties, in-line or open-channel. Our in-line industrial grinders fit right into a pipeline and protect downstream equipment, including pumps, from large debris. When debris gets into the pipeline, our grinders shred it into small pieces that pass harmlessly through. Our open-channel grinders perform the same function but can be placed into wet wells. We also offer a fiberglass manhole with an industrial grinder when a grinder is needed, but there is not enough room for a conventional installation. Our SHRED Series are high-efficiency, dual-shafted waste shredders. These industrial shredders are perfect for wet or dry applications. They come in various sizes to fit any application, large or small. They can be used to reduce the size of waste, grind down solids to improve process performance, or destroy expired or obsolete materials. We provide optional stands and hoppers to fit your specific application needs.

Industrial Processing

We come prepared with unique solutions to your solids reductions challenges. Our Monster Industrial Shredder and Grinder products are uniquely designed to cut through the toughest solids and bring them down to size. We leverage our 40+ years of grinder experience to design equipment for wet and dry applications. Our Monster products are working every day protecting pumps, destroying debris or just making things work better. They are found in applications like recycling, waste to energy, commercial facility sewage, food processing, and oil & gas – just to name a few.

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JWC has over 45 years of experience and 40,000 installations in solids reduction and removal applications.The Monster Industrial Shred Series of grinders can be customized for confined spaces or process limitations.
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