When Cookie Cutter Doesn’t Cut It Anymore, The Muffin Monster® Does

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Want to know the difference between us & “them”? It’s all in the cutter. Not only do we have superior technology designed to tackle today’s waste stream but we constantly look to improve it in quality and innovation. JWC’s uniquely configurable grinder offers highly customizable performance for the price of “their” mass-produced grinder. We carry several different cutter types to fit any need and application. Stop falling for the mass-produced products that give you only one type of cutter and get a uniquely configurable grinder unit that will outperform any day!

Our experts are ready to walk you through your specific needs. Some cutter selection factors include: particle size, grinder throughput and cutting force.

Muffin Monster holding an open-channel grinder

Monster Cutters
Get The Job Done!

Cutters with fewer teeth allow for greater throughput, higher cut force and processing of larger materials.
Cutters with more teeth allow for smaller particle sizes.

If you’re looking for MAXIMUM solids handling, cut control, longer life cycle and superior performance, the JWC configurable grinder is your best option and is considered #1 in the industry.


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