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Low-speed, high-torque shredders with customized cutters reduce waste volume to minimize transportation costs and protect downstream equipment from tough solids. Monster Industrial grinders provide outstanding particle size reduction of wet or dry materials.

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Your industrial waste reduction challenges are solved with proven, application-specific shredding systems that integrate seamlessly into your project. Only JWC’s Monster Industrial solutions include:

Proof-of-concept Testing

Our grinding and shredding test facility simulates real-world applications to validate and measure solution performance based on your needs.

In-house Application Engineers

JWC’s experienced team customizes solutions to fit your project’s requirements.

Proposal-ready Documentation

We provide full manufacturing submittal packages, including STP files and PDF drawings so you get results sooner.

Typical Applications

Watch it SHRED

JWC has over 45 years of experience and 40,000 installations in solids reduction and removal applications.The Monster Industrial Shred Series of grinders can be customized for confined spaces or process limitations.
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