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Industrial Shredders

JWC offers a variety of equipment that helps to improve the efficiency of food and beverage facilities in the areas of reducing the volume of food waste, recovery of valuable processing byproducts and wastewater treatment.

Volume Reduction, Equipment Protection

Food and beverage processing can produce waste with numerous tough solids. These solids can clog pumps and create other problems in production. JWC’s SHRED and HYDRO industrial grinders can be used to grind up food waste as well as other debris to protect pumps and other process equipment. Grinding can also be used to reduce the volume of waste and minimize transportation costs.

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  • Reduce food waste volume to minimize transportation costs
  • Protect downstream equipment from tough solids
  • Effectively remove process water from larger solids
  • High capture rates reduce TSS levels in waste treatment processes
  • Screens specialized for specific applications like fruit and vegetable processing, breweries, and bakeries

Typical Applications

Watch it SHRED

JWC has over 45 years of experience and 40,000 installations in solids reduction and removal applications.The Monster Industrial Shred Series of grinders can be customized for confined spaces or process limitations.
Industrial Grind

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