Control Solids
Protect Pumps
Improve Performance

Protect pumps with powerful low-speed, high-torque grinders that easily shred the toughest hydrocarbons, rust, rocks, and other debris commonly found in tank sludge. Materials are preconditioned to a consistent size for improved centrifuge performance and reduced time for tank cleaning and hydrocarbon recovery.

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Centrifuge Protection in Drilling Mud Solids Control

Reclaiming of drilling fluids in oil & gas extraction operations includes multiple steps and sensitive processing equipment like centrifuges. JWC’s monster grinders are used to protect pumps and expensive centrifuges by grinding down rocks and other debris before they can damage the de-watering and separation equipment.

  • Tank bottom cleaning
  • Solids controls
  • Pump & centrifuge protection
  • Lagoon cleaning
  • Press protection
  • Properly size bitumen

“In a closed-loop system for cleaning crude oil tank and the pumps are producing in the vicinity of 1,500 psi, a lot of pressure that is being pushed through a relatively small passageway. Anything of size that gets in that passageway can block it, and cause the pump to fail. That stops the throughput dead.”
Charlie Gioielli, Industrial Markets Manager with Hahn Equipment

Pump Protection for Tank Cleaning Equipment

In refineries and tank farms crude oil storage tanks build up with sludge that can take away valuable storage capacity. Monster grinders are used by tank bottom clean-out service contractors to assist in processing the built-up sludge.

  • Reduce pump maintenance
  • Keep operation running
  • Maintain closed loop processing
  • Transportable packaged skid

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