Thank you for visiting us at Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami Beach. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about how Monster Industrial shredders can help with your waste management plans.

JWC’s Monster Industrial food waste shredders, certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), support compliance with MARPOL Annex V food waste disposal requirements.

Benefits of Grinding Food Waste:

  • Fulfill requirements for onboard garbage management plan
  • Shred tough debris to keep operations running smoothly
  • If a grinder is used prior to compaction, the compaction ratio can be increased, and storage space decreased

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Low Energy Consumption Grinders for Ship-based Waste

Certified by the American Bureau of Shipping

Packaged Solutions for Compact Spaces

Reduce Vermin and Odor Concerns

Shredders for MARPOL-Compliant Waste Disposal

The Monster Industrial 1, 3 and 4 series grinder solutions are the most powerful available for ship-based food waste disposal. Two shafts of sharp steel cutters use slow-speed, high-torque power to slice through mountains of tough food waste including T-bone steaks, ribs, corn cobs, pineapples and whole chickens. It is also available in a packaged solution with the hopper, grinder, control panel and discharge tubing all designed and built by JWCE to fit inside a compact corner onboard the vessel.

Typical Applications

  • Passenger ships including cruise lines and ferries
  • Merchant vessels
  • Offshore platforms
  • Fish and seafood processing boats

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HYDRO – Grinders Help with BP Oil Spill Clean-up – Gulf of Mexico Case Study

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After our Monster Industrial Shedder

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