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Is treating wastewater consuming YOUR PROFITS?

Come visit us at: Craft Brewers Conference 2021 Booth #4452 September 9-12, 2021 Colorado Convention Center | Denver, CO Rotary Screens, Dewatering Systems, and Grinders for treating wastewater Screens to remove solids from wastewater streams
  • Protects sensitive processing equipment
  • Improves anaerobic digester effectiveness
Dewatering presses to dewater and compact waste
  • Reduces the amount of disposed waste
Grinders to shred tougher solids
  • Protects downstream equipment sensitive to large solids

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Beverage Wastewater Treatment

Beverage processing plants generate a significant amount of wastewater with relatively high concentrations of total suspended solids (TSS). It is imperative to treat this wastewater before sending it on to a municipal sewage system to limit municipal surcharges imposed for exceeding the limits on TSS. Rotary drum screens are an effective and efficient method to remove organic waste from food and beverage wastewater. Screening out of organic matter can substantially reduce the TSS levels in the waste stream and enhance further food and beverage wastewater treatment processes. JWC offers IPEC® Rotary Drum Screens for a variety of beverage applications. Our IPEC Screens are customized to target exactly what is being screened out and ensure a high capture rate. JWC has screening solutions for a variety of items including fats, feathers, seeds and spent hops.
Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screens

Remove Process Water

Effectively remove process water from larger solids

Specialized Screens

Screens specialized for specific applications like fruit & vegetable processing, breweries, and bakeries

Reduce Food Waste

Reduce food waste volume to minimize transportation costs

IPEC Rotary Drum Screens

JWC’s line of IPEC rotary drum screens include both internally fed and externally fed designs to provide superior solids removal from waste streams. JWC offers a wide range of designs to handle the flows and solids loading for your wastewater application. The IPEC rotary drum screens include all stainless-steel construction, a variety of drum filter media suited for the application, and numerous additional features to optimize the processing performance of the drum screen.
Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screens

IPEC Dewatering Systems

JWC’s line of IPEC dewater auger conveyor systems dewater and compact wet debris waste while conveying it to a discharge point. The dewatering and compaction reduce the volume of waste. Multiple sizes are available to provide a wide range of capacities. The conveyance section is designed as required to transport material to the desired discharge point.
Auger Presses

Monster Industrial Grinders

JWC’s line of Monster Industrial HYDRO grinders safely and reliably shred items in fluid streams into small particles which then can flow easily through pumps, pipelines and other equipment. Inline configurations are available to fit 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” wastewater lines. Open channel versions are available for underground vaults and pump station installations. These grinders can be incorporated into a Monster Manhole which is a preassembled, ready-to-install sewage grinder manhole.
HYDRO Grinders

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