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Top 6 Reasons to Love Us…

We save you money:

Muffin Monster’s quality performance not only allows you to spend time on what matters, it also helps you to avoid costly repairs.

We offer customized solutions:

Waste streams are different so your grinder cutter stacks should be too. JWC customizes solutions that fit to your needs and application.

We ship fast:

No one wants to wait 16 weeks for a grinder. That’s why we ship Muffin Monsters in two weeks*.

* Applies to our most popular 10K and 30K Muffin Monster grinders, as well as cutter options.

We protect your pumps:

Our patented technology helps to protect downstream equipment, ultimately saving you money and hassle.

We save you time:

Our equipment helps prevent unplanned maintenance.

We are reliable:

Our patented technology is time-tested for the last 45+ years, and we stand behind our products.

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