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Destroy Rejected Products and Reduce Waste Volume

A Monster Industrial® shredder can get the job done safely and cost-effectively whether it’s product destruction to protect your brand or product depackaging to recover or separate valuable resources!

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Quickly and Easily Destroy Unwanted Products

Controlling product liability and protecting your company and your brand name require that all rejected, expired or unwanted items do not get sold on a secondary market. A Monster Industrial shredder at your facility can quickly and easily destroy designer bags and purses, shoes, canned food and sporting equipment that can be recycled or sent to landfill. A 3-SHRED or 4-SHRED grinder can also be used to meet regulatory requirements for the destruction of marijuana plants, soil and pots for cannabis growing operations.
Product Destruction

Protect your Brand

Protect your brand by keeping rejected, expired or unwanted items from entering secondary markets

Meet Regulations

Meet marijuana product destruction regulations


Recycle packaging from expired liquid goods with the JWC Zero Waste Monster

Product Depackaging

Need a safe, efficient and trouble-free solution to recycle inventory of expired or rejected liquid packaged goods? The Zero Waste Monster is an engineered system with a four-step process for product destruction and material recycling. The system breaks open packaged wet food, fluids and creams, separates out the liquid contents from the packaging then washes and compacts the packaging as it exits the system. The cleaned metal or plastic is then ready for recycling and the liquids can be sent to a bio-digester or be composted. Interested in seeing the Zero Waste Monster in Action? Watch the video now!

Typical Applications

  • Food and beverage producers
  • High-end or proprietary product manufacturers
  • Cannabis growing operations
  • Consumer products manufacturers
  • Apparel makers
  • Supermarket or distribution warehouses
  • Pet food companies
  • Pharmaceutical and beauty products manufacturers
  • Toy manufacturers

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