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Not All Shredders Are Created Equal

Whether you’re looking to destroy product (including root balls) or process hemp, safety should always be top of mind. With Monster Industrial shredders, powerful grinding comes with built-in safety features including:
  • Rotary disconnect with lock-out
  • Emergency stop button on the control panel
  • Remote e-stop electrical connection for customer mounting
  • Labyrinth hopper reduces chances of accidental contact with cutting surface
  • High-torque, slow-speed electric motors mean no gas fumes
  • Customizable safety features such as viewing windows, slide gates and e-stop cords, among others, are also available

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What Can We Grind for You?

You can see for yourself what particle size can be achieved by requesting a complimentary grind test. Contact us to arrange for a grind test, and one of our specialists will work with you to get you the grind that you need. We’ll even ship your grind test sample back to you so you can verify the results in person. Contact Us to Request a Grind Test
JWC’s onsite state-of-the-art Grind Test Facility

Conducted at JWC’s onsite state-of-the-art Grind Test Facility

Hemp grinding

Check particle size and determine volume reduction capability

3-SHRED (equivalent) with 13-Tooth .215" Cutters

Receive a detailed written report and video to assure desired outcome

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