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What Can We Grind for You?

JWC has successfully deployed over 100 customized systems to support the unique needs of our valued hemp and cannabis customers. These applications range from processing for extraction to product destruction post cultivation. Areas of expertise include:
  • Improving extraction yields through custom configurations
  • Customized solutions for start-ups through well-established businesses
  • How to get operational faster by leveraging grind test capabilities
  • Destruction of non-compliant or off-spec product

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High Throughput

  • Grind up to 1 ton per hour of flowers or trim
  • Quickly and efficiently process acres of hemp or cannabis

Grind Full Plants and Tougher Materials

  • High cutting force means our Monsters will shred through the most difficult items
  • Easily handles wet or dry materials

Replace Noisy and Dusty Hammer Mills

  • Low speed operation means less dust creating losses or health and safety concerns
  • Quiet operation due to powerful electric motors

Customize for Exact Process Requirements

  • We work with you to make sure particle size is ideal for your extraction process

Reliable Performance

  • Steel cutters hardened to 45-52 Rockwell
  • Heavy duty industrial components and construction
  • Automated controls, monitoring and safety systems

Meeting state plant waste disposal laws

Plant waste disposal laws usually require that plant waste must be rendered unusable and unrecognizable by grinding and incorporating it with other ground materials. The resulting mixture must be at least 51% waste by volume. No matter what you mix the plant waste with, to make it unusable and unrecognizable (soil, plastic pots, netting, food waste, cardboard, etc.), our shredder can handle it!
Marijuana Grinder Installation
Hemp before grinding

Before our Monster Industrial Shedder

Hemp after grinding

After our Monster Industrial Shedder

Grinding for CBD Hemp Oil Extraction

Regardless of the CBD oil extraction method the first critical step will be the sourcing and preparation of the hemp from which the CBD oils will be extracted. Depending on the desired end extracts, the source hemp may just be flowers and trim, or it could be complete stalk material. JWC’s Monster Industrial shredders can play an integral role in getting the source hemp ready for CBD oil extraction.
Hemp Oil Extraction

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