Dissolved Air Flotation

Controls Upgrade

Dissolved Air Flotation Controls Upgrades

Dissolved Air Flotation systems should be a long term investment a plant’s wastewater system.  Unfortunately over time a DAF’s control system is often modified, customized, adapted or repaired to a point where it not longer resembles the original design intent of the DAF.

Out of date or highly modified DAF control system can lead to:

  • Plant shutdowns
  • Discharge permit violations
  • Worker safety issues

JWC Service Solutions is ready to assist with DAF Controls Upgrades.

DAF Controls Experts

The members of FRC DAF team at JWC Environmental are Experts in Dissolved Air Flotation Systems and how they should work.  Regardless of the manufacturer our team knows how to make a DAF operated at its peak potential performance.  While an industrial electrical service company may have very proficient in all aspects of control systems they will often lack the knowledge needed to make the aerations, chemical, and skimming systems work in unison.  This is the process and equipment expertise the JWC Service Solutions can support you with.

A Typical DAF Controls Upgrades

The JWC Service Solutions team has seen it all when evaluating DAF control systems.

Common problems include:

  • Panels with obsolete components
  • Corroded and broken conduit
  • Poor splicing and H2S damage to copper wiring
  • Out of date wiring and control documentation
  • Lack of integration with newer plant equipment

Our team can quickly understand the operational goals of the plant and get the DAF equipment and even the full wastewater treatment system up to a standard that not insures system reliability but also lowers operational costs.

Each new DAF control system is designed with the latest technology with a focus on safety and reliability. Control panels are available in a variety of NEMA ratings and materials including NEMA 4X Stainless Steel and Class 1 Division 1&2 to allow installation in almost any area. Each system is tested in house before being shipped to our customers.

New DAF Control systems from JWC Service Solutions typically incorporate:

  • PLCs programmed for the unique needs of the existing wastewater system
  • Integration into other plant control systems for higher levels of automation
  • Field wiring plan for connection to existing utilities
  • New Panel Enclosures wired to a plant’s exacting standards
  • Full testing and system documentation
  • System training for all plant operators and maintenance staff

Limited work windows to upgrade the wastewater plant are not a problem.  We can design and build a temporary solution of critical control systems to start the change over.  This allows the systems to keep running during the demolition of the old system and installation of new panels.


HMI Upgrade Process Overview

Obsolete Control Panel

Upgraded DAF Control Panel


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