Dissolved Air Flotation

Aeration System Upgrades

DAF Aeration System Upgrades

The aeration system is the heart of a Dissolved Air Flotation separation equipment.  When it is not working as designed it can not only be costly, with increased chemical and energy use, but ultimately can lead to effluent that is outside permit limits.  Fortunately JWC Service Solutions is available to help.

If your DAF aeration systems is worn-down, complicated or just expensive to operate it might be time to consider an upgrade.  The JWC Service Solutions team can evaluate your needs and recommend the best approach for your unique situation.

JWC Service Solutions DAF Aerations Systems Upgrade packages include:

  • 1-Duty and 1-Standby ANSI standard dissolved air flotation whitewater pumps
  • Unique angled FRC air dissolving tube for whitewater generation
  • Air distribution manifold designed for your specific DAF equipment

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No Proprietary Dissolved Air Flotation Pump

Many DAF manufacturers will utilize proprietary dissolved air flotation pump systems for whitewater generation.  For JWC this is not the answer for our customers.  We specify ANSI standard dissolved air flotation pump assemblies for upgrades as well as new FRC DAF systems.  This not only lowers initial costs it also gives our customers the flexibility to get a replacement pump from multiple sources.

Aeration Systems for Any DAF

Regardless of the original manufacturer of the DAF JWC Service Solutions can provide an aeration upgrade strategy.  We understand how DAFs should function and can work with you equipment to incorporate the unique features of JWC’s aerations systems while maintaining the core structure of the existing DAF.  We can make sure you are not stuck with a poor performing white water systems.  Let us help you improve efficiency and lower operating costs.


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