Monster Grinder cuts $78,000 from energy costs

Case Study: Monster Grinder cuts $78,000 from energy costs

Built in 1977, the Santa Margarita reclaimed water facility was initially intended to provide water for landscape irrigation in the district. During a typical 12-month period today, the facility brings in 680 million gallons of sewage and sends out 620 gallons of reclaimed water. But starting in about 2012, the pumps would begin to lose efficiency as the wipes loading increased. All pumps, including standbys, would have to run to maintain plant production. Once they reached 60 Hz the plant would need to shut down to derag the pumps.

“This upgrade cost significantly less than purchasing a whole new set of pumps,” says Ron Johnson, facilities supervisor for the SMWD facility.

Learn why Johnson agrees with most when he says,”Our choice to go with a new Channel Monster, to me, is priceless.” Read the full case study here.

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