Macerator Explodes, Monster Sludge Grinder Takes Over

Muffin Monster Takes Over When Macerator Can’t Cut It

Case Study: Macerator Explodes, Monster Sludge Grinder Takes Over

The Coeur D’Alene Wastewater Treatment Plant has been in operation since 1939. Since then, the facility has been overhauled significantly to keep up with demand, area growth and innovations in wastewater treatment technology. The treatment plant was having continual problems with two sludge macerators,  during design someone misread the max PSI rating as 150 — while the macerator’s true max pressure rating is 30 PSI. Eventually, one of the macerators exploded and flooded the underground pump area with sludge.

It took about 12 hours for operators to clean up the mess after the macerator exploded. The crew pulled a Muffin Monster® grinder from their back-up stock, and it took care of the sludge immediately. Impressed with the performance and quality of the Monster grinder, the treatment plant manager requested approval to purchase three additional 10K series Muffin Monsters.

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