Pilot & Rental DAF Units

Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment Rentals and Pilot Units

Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment Rentals are great when wastewater treatment systems go down for maintenance, when process alterations affect effluent quality, or when capital for purchasing and owning equipment is not available.

With a pilot DAF system you can gain insight on what level of effluent quality can be achieved, get real numbers for ongoing chemical costs, and see what volume of sludge is produced through the treatment process. That’s something design theory simply cannot do. 

DAF pilot and rental systems are available in flow capacities from 20-2,000 gpm in dissolved air, nitrogen, or gas configurations.

To obtain rental rates, inquirers should prepare application details, wastewater characteristics, and delivery time frame information.

What’s Included With The System?

  • Rotary lobe feed pump
  • PVC/SS Flocculator
  • Chemical dosing pumps for coagulant, acid, caustic, and polymer
  • Polymer makedown system with tank and mixer
  • PCL or PWL Dissolved Air Flotation unit
  • Pneumatic panels
  • E-panel with HMI, NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Sludge pump
  • Air compressor
  • Flow meter
  • pH transmitter
  • Influent and effluent hoses
  • Engineering documents
  • Operations & maintenance manuals
  • Job box with tools, cables, spare parts, and safety supplies

What are the Client’s Responsibilities?

  • Offload skids at point of delivery and place them in a secure area with protection from inclement weather
  • Level the skids
  • Provide a wastewater influent connection within 50ft of the DAF skid
  • Provide a connection for gravity effluent flow within 50ft of the DAF skid
  • Supply 480VAC power to PLC panel
  • Supply 120VAC power connection within 25 feet of DAF skid
  • Supply at least 5 gpm potable water supply within 25 feet of the polymer makedown skid
  • Supply chemicals
  • Provide sludge holding tanks/totes
  • Maintain and clean equipment prior to return to FRC


  • Quick solution to an emergency situation, such as permit limits being exceeded
  • Short term solution to be able to perform maintenance or cope with wastewater plant construction delays


  • Units are available in flow ranges from 20 – 2,000 gpm  (4 – 454 m3/h)
  • Systems can be skid mounted for quick set-up and operation
  • Systems can be standalone units to be connected to other onsite equipment

DAF Pilot Unit - Front

DAF Pilot Unit - Back

DAF Rental Unit - Front


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