PCCS Compact DAF System

PCCS Compact Dissolved Air Flotation Units – Best Value for Low Flow Rates

The PCCS compact Dissolved Air Flotation units (DAF) are the pinnacle of engineering efficiency. The design maximizes free and effective separation area within their compact frame. This allows for higher hydraulic and solids loading than other similarly sized Dissolved Air Flotation units.

PCCS DAFs are designed to work with recycle pumps from various manufacturers. If your plant has a pump standard, we will help identify a suitable unit to operate with the DAF system. Of course, we can supply the FRC DAF with our standard ANSI pump too.

The PCCS compact Dissolved Air Flotation units are available in flow rates from 25 – 150 gpm and can be supplied as stand alone systems, or skid-mounted, plug-and-play solutions.

Fits in a 20-foot Shipping Container

DAF fits in a 20 Foot Container, Low Shipping CostsPCCS DAF systems are designed to fit inside standard 20′ ISO shipping containers. This is especially helpful when shipping overseas as the ability to pack DAF units into a container allows for standard rate shipping costs as opposed the the high premiums paid when custom-crated DAFs are shipped flat rack.

The PCCS design is made so that stepping up from a PCCS-50 to a PCCS-100 or 150 adds width to the unit, while the length and height remain unchanged.

Skid-Mounted DAF System

DAF Skid, FRC SystemsPCCS units can be supplied as skid-mounted solutions with all the necessary components for a complete DAF pre-treatment system, including:

  • Feed pump
  • Flow & level instrumentation
  • Flocculator and chemical feed pumps
  • Air compressor
  • Sludge pump
  • Electrical controls

Skid-mounted PCCS-25 and PCCS-50 systems still fit nicely into a 20 ft shipping container. Skids for the larger units will require some minor field assembly.


  • Efficiently removes suspended solids and other pollutants from wastewater
  • Higher hydraulic and solids loading than other similarly sized DAF units
  • Compact foot print saving valuable plant space


  • Flow Rates range from 25 to 150 gpm
  • Free Surface Area ranges from 7.5 to 45 sq. ft.
  • Fits in a 20 foot shipping container for cost effective shipping


PCCS Compact DAF

DAF in 20 ft shipping container

Skid Mounted DAF System


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