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Did You Know?

Failure to meet marijuana waste disposal requirements can lead to monetary fines up to $15,000 and/or cancellation of license.

Our all electric shredder can grind wet or dry compostables and non-compostables. Transmits zero gas and exhaust fumes.

A Better Alternative to Wood Chippers.

Break up tough objects with a low-speed hi torque shredder. Mix it to make it unusable (soil, plastic pots, netting, food waste, etc.) - our shredder can handle it!

Don't worry

Be happy

Saves labor and keeps operations running. Get ahead and take control with a powerful JWC Environmental Industrial shredder. 

Some State Regulations

A Few Grinder & Shredder Details

Throughput Range 43-361 ft3/hr (1.2-10.2 m3/hr)

Cutting Chamber Lengths 8-32 inches (200-800 mm)

Powerful 5-40 hp (3.7-30 kW) motors are available

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A marijuana plant is not considered dangerous unless it has been treated or contaminated with a solvent. 

Marijuana waste must be rendered unusable by grinding & incorporating it with other ground materials. 

The resulting mixture must be at least 51% non-marijuana waste by volume.


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