Article: The Importance of Grinder Design in Optimal Pump Protection

Modern Grinders Provide a Valuable Insurance Policy to Protect Pump Stations

For pump station protection, two-shafted grinders are likely the technology that makes the most sense. This equipment style, which is based on low speed and high torque, offers the necessary power to tackle the wider variety of solids that are now finding their way into waste streams. This includes rags and towels, wipes (both those marketed as flushable as well as those that are not), plastics, wood products, metal products, and just about anything else that can be flushed down a toilet or drain.

By breaking down solids into a manageable size, grinders allow pumps to work more efficiently and decrease or prevent the unwanted downtime of cleaning or repairing a clogged pump. While many grinders may look similar, not all grinders are designed the same. Here is a list of design features that are important to consider when making a grinder investment. Read the full article here.