JWC Environmental Receives 2 US Patents for Wipes Ready Technology

The Wipes Ready® cutter eliminates pump station down time by reducing damage done by troublesome wipes. But did you know two other features that were released as part of Wipes Ready Technology have been awarded US patents?

Feature 1:wipes ready technology guiding solids into the cutters

Named for its shape, the Delta P side rail creates a pressure gradient that forces solids into the cutters for solids reduction.  The triangular shape of the side-rail’s flow fins also reduces head loss through the rail.  Increased flow capacity is the result for all grinder models employing the side-rail.  Consequently, it may be possible to utilize a shorter JWC grinder to process flow in a waste stream.  That can translate to a decrease in initial cost and a reduction in total cost of ownership.  JWC received the Delta P side rail patent in 2018.

Feature 2:wipes ready technology

Optimum Cut Control supports the Wipes Ready cutters by providing a gear ratio that promotes tearing action within the cutters while adding enhanced gripping using a knurled design on the spacers. The optimized cutter tooth velocity ratio promotes full clean-out of solids to provide longer cutter life and decrease power consumption.  JWC was awarded the Optimum Cut Control patent in 2019.

Prior to receiving these patents, our Wipes Ready Technology has been the recipient of the Innovation Award from the Water Environment Federation (WEF). Read more about it HERE.

Learn more about the Wipes Ready Technology HERE.