Akron Zoo Gets a Fresh Start at Zero Waste With “Big Hanna”

JWC & “Big Hanna” Tackles Mixed Waste Issues

With focused sustainability at its core, the Akron Zoo has targeted their operation to become a completely zero waste facility.  However, the zoo was facing a significant problem.  Straw used in bedding for the animals and uncooked produced was causing issues when fed into their new digester – “Big Hanna”.

The 79 acre zoo site donated by George and Ann Perkins in 1900 has always focused on capital improvements.  The most recent was the investment in a digester upgrade. Combining animal waste with organic material such as animal bedding and food waste products provided excellent feedstock for aerobic and anaerobic decomposing.  The result was a high concentrate of nutrients perfect for plants and a diversion of waste from the landfill.

JWC was brought in to evaluated the situation and determined that our 4-SHRED  could be an integral part of the solution.  Given the specific concerns that the Akron Zoo was having with multiple types of waste products, our 4-SHRED would be able to break down the materials for easier processing by “Big Hanna“.

Getting Big Ha4-SHRED Akron Zoo Digester Food Waste Shreddernna Back on Track

‘We believe that being green is a process of decision making at all levels of the organization; it’s not a destination that we will ever arrive at. Sustainability requires constant adjustment, change and improvement as new opportunities, practices or technologies are developed” zoo officials explained.

Read the full article here to see JWC’s Monster Industrial 4-SHRED helped keep “Big Hanna” on track and furthered the green practices that the Akron Zoo is committed to.