All New Channel Monster® FLEX Video

JWC has launched the latest advancement in high-flow sewage grinders – the Channel Monster FLEX.  

The Channel Monster FLEX delivers the features wastewater professionals want — modular and adaptive architecture, higher flow capacity, powerful grinding, and lower total cost of ownership.

The Channel Monster FLEX consists of a separate FLEX Grinder and Solids Diverter screening drum brought together with a unique FLEX Frame. This modular design allows for the flexibility of servicing the cutting element and screening drum element separately. The cutting element of any sewage grinder is the portion that will typically need overhaul over time. With the Channel Monster FLEX, it’s easy to replace the cutting element with a factory-built replacement unit eliminating the need to return the unit back to the factory for repair or to perform extensive and complex repairs on-site.

Unique Capabilities:

Our new Channel Monster FLEX offers the latest advancement in high-flow sewage grinders while delivering the features wastewater professionals want.  Highlights of our new design include:

Optimal Design for Easy Servicing

  • The unique design incorporates separate FLEX grinder and Solids Diverter modules connected by a FLEX Frame. The separate modules provide for easier servicing and cost-efficient cutter replacements when needed.  Moreover, JWC makes it easy to renew the worn FLEX Grinder or Solids Diverter with Monster Renew.Read more about Monster Renew.

Flow Optimized Perforated Drum

  • The Channel Monster FLEX achieves up to 20% higher flows capacity in the same channel width when compared to earlier Channel Monster products.  Additionally, it utilizes a perforated screening drum instead of horizontal screening bars for the best solids capture.  The perforated drum construction and tight drum-to-cutter interface construction ensure that all debris that passes through the unit is shredded.

Handles the Toughest of Solids

  • The FLEX’s 10-hp (7.5kw) drive motor results in the highest cutting force of any high-flow sewage grinder on the market today. The grinder easily shreds through tough solids, rags, rocks and wood turning them into small pieces, protecting downstream pumps, pipes, and other wastewater processing equipment.

Adaptable Architecture

  • The Channel Monster FLEX conveniently allows for an easy change should a lift station experience a significant increase or decrease in peak flow. With flow capabilities from 3.0 to 42 mgd, numerous combinations of grinder heights and screening drum diameters, and customized installation frames, the Channel Monster FLEX is extremely versatile for both in-channel installations and wall mounting within wet wells.

Watch to learn about the New Channel Monster FLEX

Channel Monster Flex