Who wants to take a deep dive in raw sewage?

Divers sent 80-90 feet deep into raw sewage to clear massive wet wipes clog at Plum Island Wastewater Treatment Plant in Charleston, South Carolina

Just last week, officials with Charleston Water reported that a group of divers were sent down into the pitch black darkness of the raw sewage at the treatment plant in Charleston, SC. At the start of the exploration, the cause of the pump obstruction was unknown.

Charleston Water noted that the team expected the divers to surface with mounds of wet wipes in their possession – and they were correct. The divers worked around the clock bringing up mounds of wet wipes each time. To their surprise, the team discovered a baseball and a large piece of metal within the wipes mess as well.

“Don’t flush stuff like this. Joking of course, but you should only flush #1, #2, and toilet paper.”- Charleston Water Officials

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