Implementation of New JWC US Tariff Surcharge

Recently, the U.S. government has announced steel tariffs on all imported raw steel (section 232) and products imported from certain countries (section 301).  JWC is committed to continuously improving efficiency which includes managing costs, and when possible protecting our customers from the adverse impacts of rising input costs.  Unfortunately, due to the rapid nature of these new tariffs, JWC must take action to recover some of these cost increases.

Given the uncertain nature of these market dynamics, we are not increasing our base prices. Instead, we are implementing a “Tariff Surcharge” on all quotes and all invoices, effective August 15th.  The surcharge will be a flat rate of 2.63% which will cover a portion of JWC’s increased costs due to the new tariffs and will remain separate and transparent from base prices.  The tariff surcharge will be imposed on all municipal and industrial grinders, screens excluding drum screens, and JWC engineered systems. 

Using this method, we can quickly adapt to any future actions.  If the tariffs are expanded or reduced JWC will be able to adjust the surcharge accordingly.

We will continue to monitor the situation following our August 15, 2018, implementation and of course advise you of any changes, as they occur.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your JWC representative.