Stopping Pump Clogs Saves $100,000 per Year with Monster Manhole

Monsters Step in to Keep Trucks Rolling by stopping pump clogs

The last thing a facility manager wants to deal with is a clogged sewer or an ejector pump clog.  Unfortunately sewage today is worse than ever – full of rags, disposable wipes, paper towels, sanitary napkins, mop heads and other material that pumping systems were never designed to handle.  This results in toilet backups, expensive ejector pump clogs, repairs and even worse cause raw sewage spills. Stopping pump clogs is not easy definitely best to be avoided.

The truck stops and travel centers dotted along North America’s highways have long been a place of refuge for long-haul truck drivers and families alike as they traverse the continent. Beyond just having the basics of fuel and a bathroom, many locations have accommodations to do laundry, take a shower, have a hot meal, use the business center or even visit the on-site urgent care clinic. Pilot Flying J, the largest travel center chain in North America, is no exception. With over 750 locations across the United States, the Pilot Flying J facilities cater to the needs of thousands of travelers every day and stopping pump clogs has risen to the top of priorities.

Eddie Slater, owner of Slater Plumbing & Mechanical, is most familiar with the Pilot facility located on State Route 99 in Bakersfield, California. Eddie, whose company provides all kinds of commercial and residential plumbing services, has been supporting the location for well over 6 years. If there was one thing that he could count on, it was that at least once a week he would be called out to the Bakersfield location to clean and unclog the facilities wastewater chopper pumps.

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